Friday, October 8, 2010

Our Interview With Fashion Photographer Jamie Beck | Exclusive

The other day a good friend of mine gave me a Tumblr's account of an amazing photographer that got to experience fashion chaos during New York Fashion Week. As a New Yorker of course her dream was to experience how does it feel to be backstage during a fashion show, front row, meeting editors, stylists, designers and models, you name it!

The photos are incredible hands down the best backstage photos I've seen so far.  Jamie has the eye of an expert shooting impeccable images! What made it shine out more the black and white effect, makes it amazing! We had the chance to interview her and ask her more about her experience and what she thinks about it.

HC: Can you tell us more about yourself?
Jamie: I grew up in Texas and fell in love with photography when I was a kid after a crash course from my mom on how to use her old manual Pentax camera. I did every photography class I could find and eventually moved to New York to study at the Fashion Institute of Technology to focus on fashion photography. I've just been shooting ever since then. Other than that I like fake eyelashes, french music, and art museums.

HC: What made you fall in love with photography?
Jamie: The fact that you can capture something beautiful. You can create a dream or immortalize an emotion or catch a fleeting moment in a photograph. I love to go someplace in an image that you can't in real life.

HC: Being in NYFW and perusing fashion photography was it a dream of yours? 
Jamie: I have always dreamed of what New York Fashion Week was like. Not being a press photographer or a fashion designer really gave me no business to ever have access to the shows. This year however, since I have the blog to fuel my projects, I wanted to finally photograph this world as I have always imagined it with film and my first camera. I think looking back through the images it really blankets my experience in a timeless manor and I captured exactly what I thought it would be like- very glamorous. 

ell us more about your experience during Fashion Week? Did it make you see fashion in a different light?
Jamie: I think I see the hierarchy now that I didn't before. How important PR people are, how the fashion eccentric people fall in to the dynamic, fashion royalty, designers, bloggers, editors, celebrities, stylists and the people just starting out. When you are there and you are watching it it's like a game of chess with all the players, they move together yet work so differently.

HC: How do you think fashion photography is different from your opinion from any other photography?
Jamie: I think fashion photography is heightened. It's dreams, fantasies, the photographer's thoughts projected. You have complete control over the photograph and it's message and I think that is what makes it different.

HC: After experiencing it first hand at NYFW do you think you will want to do it again season after season?
Jamie: I would love to photograph NYFW similarly as I did this past season with my artistic narrative and nostalgic approach. I'd really love to cover Paris Fashion Week someday because I feel it's better suited with my style. I have to tell you, the energy at the events and in the tents is addicting. You get high off of it and it's really an inspiring celebration of art, beauty, style, and individuality. Additionally, everyone is beautiful, styled and put together, and everyone wants to have their picture taken so it's really a great project to shoot. 

HC: Do you have anything to say to our readers that loves photography? 
Jamie: The most important thing is to have your own vision. It's really a testament to how much a photographer controls the outcome of an image because when you are shooting something like this there are photographers everywhere shooting the same things yet the images in the end will be so different based on each photographer's vision. I think the vision is the key.
We would like to thank Jamie for giving us the time and to allow us to use her images. Much appreciated, wish you all the best! 
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