Monday, November 1, 2010

Haute Couturista Featured in Harper's Bazaar Arabia | Exclusive

If you didn’t get your November issue of Harpers Bazaar Arabia, Make sure to get the November issue! Mai Al-Mannai features us in a beautiful written Article about Qatar Bloggers, Sharifa & Me are mentioned, and also a fellow Street style blogger, who I have featured before in the Blog Noor Al-Thani. The photos all around the article were taken by me, in a “Afternoon-tea” Shoot that I have planned two week’s ago, and also Noor’s photo is featured a long with a beautiful street style shot of hers. This shoot was a lot of fun! Thanks’ to my friend’s who participated and helped me throughout the shoot, hopefully this won’t be the last shoot that you see, I’d love to hear your feedbacks about the article & the photo-shoot! 

(Click on the photo, to read the full article)

The "Afternoon-Tea" Shoot is now posted @ our street style blog Keep checking for the whole shoot.


Zahra Lyla Pedram said...

Congrats! Thats great! :)


Ralkuwari said...

wow! mshallah 3laikum you guys
i really wish you all the best from my heart, you've done a great work
,and your blog is incredible i honestly visit your blog daily. i loveed loved the article i really enjoy reading it and the photo-shoot is totally amazing especially the hermes bag on the plate with the waiter serving it just a big WOW ! keep the great work going
regards :)

Maitha_Alk said...

Wow mashallah this is so great!
It is like a dream come true, isn't it?
I've been a fan of your photography since you first started in Flicker and know with this blog & the street style blog everything is over the top!
Wish u girls all the best xx

Jassim said...

Congrats ^_^

Muneera said...

omg noor :*
congrats ladies u really did a great job (Y)
we are proud of u

Fatma said...

Absolutely fantastic! Loved the article and the pictures were so vibrant. So classy and yet trendy, I love Noor's simple abaya teamed with high end accesories look! Simply flawless!