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    1. Go Great Lakes Bay Ambassador Program

      Do you love the Great Lakes Bay Region? Do you want to see more people lovin' the region just like you? We do, too! Read through our Go Great Brand Ambassador Program overview and submit your application.

      Ambassador Duties & Responsibilities

      • Ambassadors are asked to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. (@GoGreatLakesBay)
      • Ambassadors are asked to regularly interact, like and share our content.
      • Ambassadors are asked to repost / share any giveaways and promotions posted on Go Great Lakes Bay social media channels.
      • Ambassadors are asked to use hashtags #GoGreatLakesBay and #GoGreat on their photos taken in the region.
      • Ambassadors are asked to spread the word of GoGreat.com and all the exciting events, attractions, restaurants + more.
      • Ambassadors can contribute content ideas to Go Great Lakes Bay (just simply send us a message).
      • Ambassadors are asked to sign up for our free Go Great Passports (shop.gogreat.com)
      • Ambassadors are asked to redeem our Go Great Passports as you are out and about exploring the Great Lakes Bay Region.
      • Ambassadors are asked to represent the region with our Go Great Swag

      Ambassador Benefits

      (Further details will be provided after submission)
      • Ambassadors will receive Go Great swag (Car Decal, T-Shirt, Hat + more).
      • Ambassadors will have a chance to win exclusive tickets, giveaways + more)
      To sign-up for our Go Great Ambassador Program, please submit the form below.

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