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    1. Coronavirus (COVID-19) Health and Safety Updates

      The Great Lakes Bay Regional Convention and Visitors Bureau is closely monitoring the status of COVID-19 as the situation continues to evolve.
      The Great Lakes Bay Regional Convention and Visitors Bureau highly recommends locals and travelers follow the protocols directed by the CDC:

      • Wash hands often with soap and warm water for 20 seconds
      • Clean your hands with a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol, if soap and water are not readily available
      • Cough into your elbow and sneeze into a tissue, throw away the tissues after
      • Consult your doctor when you are sick before traveling
      • Stay up-to-date on vaccinations
      • Avoid contact with those who are already sick
      • Stay home if you are sick, unless it is to get medical care
      • Avoid touching your eyes, mouth or nose
      • Be aware of the last travel advisors from the CDC and U.S. State Department


      List of what businesses in the Great Lakes Bay Region are currently offering

      Michigan and Local Health

      Health Authorities and Academics