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    1. Great Lakes Bay Blog

      Most Romantic Restaurants in the Great Lakes Bay

      📍Real Seafood Company 📷 @kay.sasithorn Staring into each other’s eyes amidst soft candlelight, enjoying ambiances that rival the tantalizing flavors, and indulging in delicious desserts on magical evenings you’re sure to remember — dreamy date nights await, lovebirds! Consider this your…

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      Summer's Must-Try Restaurants in the Great Lakes Bay

      📍Prost! Wine Bar & Charcuterie 📷 @sisterhoodbloodymarys From a fresh-catch seafood eatery on the water to a backroad microbrewery with farm-to-table fare — even spots where food trucks fall in line to serve up local flavor — summertime in the Great Lakes Bay is primetime for seasonal…

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