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    1. Great Lakes Bay Blog

      Top Things to Do in the Great Lakes Bay this Winter

      📍Whiting Forest of Dow Gardens 📷 @yagirljodes When winter turns Pure Michigan into a snowcapped scene from a glossy postcard, there’s natural beauty all around here (and it's all worth bundling up for). Whether you’ll take in never-ending, winter-white views on a canopy walk through a…

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      Top Things to Do in the Great Lakes Bay this Fall

      📍Whiting Forest of Dow Gardens 📷 @_dineshdon_ If all autumn gave us were colorful leaves, cool sweater weather, and plenty of pumpkin spice lattes — that'd be more than enough. But, here in Pure Michigan, fall's cozy goodness only unfolds from there. Wine tasting boat rides through a…

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      Waterfowl Hunting in Michigan's Great Lakes Bay

      The childhood game of "Duck, Duck, Goose" is simple. The grown-up, Great Lakes Bay version is delightfully more complex: deciding which form of fowl — duck or goose — to pursue, in one of Michigan's richest waterfowling regions. Duck hunting on the open waters of Saginaw Bay; duck (or…

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      Deer Hunting in Michigan's Great Lakes Bay

      Michigan white-tailed deer hunting comes in several flavors, and two of the tastiest and most fruitful are features found prominently here in the Great Lakes Bay Region. This deer-generous region straddles the shift from southern Michigan farmlands to northern Michigan forests, where…

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