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      Japanese Cultural Center
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      Japanese Cultural Center and Tea House

      527 Ezra Rust Drive
      Saginaw, MI 48601
      (989) 759-1648
      3 reviews
      • The Japanese Cultural Center,?Tea House, and Gardens of Saginaw is revered as one of the most authentic Japanese Gardens in all of North America, and the ONLY authentic tea house in the midwest. We offer occasional classes in traditional Japanese arts. In addition to language tutoring, you can learn origami (paper folding), bonsai (nurturing dwarfed plants), and calligraphy (Japanese script as a fine art). Our traditional sukiya (rustic) style teahouse is situated on 3 acres of gardens on the banks of Lake Linton. Tea ceremonies are held the 2nd Saturday of each month, year round (except December). This location is a very unique place for a wedding ceremony and photos; also has a small gift area. Garden is open April 1st through October 31st from 12:00-4:00PM.