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      Meet cockatiels in our aviary!
      Take a spin on the region's only hand-carved carousel!
      Watch as the critically endangered Cotton-top Tamarins leap around their exhibit!
      Have a seat on our train and take a tour around the zoo!
      Watch the endangered African Black-footed Penguins glide through the water during feeding time!
      You might even meet some peafowl!
      Dig for dinosaur bones in the Fossil Find!
      The North American River Otters are a part of the Species Survival Program at the Children's Zoo!
      Get close to nature with our tortoise exhibit!
      Saginaw Children's Zoo

      Saginaw Children's Zoo

      1730 South Washington Avenue
      Saginaw, MI 48601
      (989) 759-1408
      • The Children’s Zoo at Celebration Square is a regional destination that envisions to inspire all ages to appreciate and respect animals and nature through engaging experiences, education, and conservation! They aim to be the BEST little zoo in Michigan! The Zoo is situated on 10 acres of landscaped paths featuring beautiful gardens, animal exhibits, and the region’s only hand-carved carousel. Take a ride on the “Iberschoff Special” miniature train, then stroll through the Australian Walkabout. Visit the many rescued animals in the Forgotten Forest. Enjoy a tasty lunch at the Train Whistle Café or bring a picnic! The Zoo also features educational talks, the Fossil Find, an Underwater Viewing Cave, a new “Rainforest Run” playground, and much more—all included in their low admission price. The Children’s Zoo is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) and participates in three Species Survival Plans (SSP): the North American River Otter, the African Black-footed penguins, and the Cotton-top tamarins. Only 10% of all zoos are accredited by the AZA, and the Children’s Zoo is one of five in the state of Michigan! Together, with help from their community, they are hoping to Save Animals From Extinction (SAFE). Visit the Children’s Zoo’s website or follow us on Facebook for additional information and upcoming special events!

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