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    1. Go Great Meetings Services & Support

      Whether you're bringing a massive conference or convention for several days of sessions or a small, intimate meeting packed into a single day, Go Great Meetings proudly offers services and support to make your Michigan meetings experience in the Great Lakes Bay unforgettable.

      Ready to find meeting venues in the Great Lakes Bay Region? Browse hotel meeting venues and alternative meeting venues, or contact Go Great Meetings to get started!

      Go Great Meetings Services & Support:

      • RFP and bidding process support
      • Familiarization tours
      • Site selection coordination
      • Custom group activities and itineraries
      • Accessible transportation options
      • Free travel guides & materials for attendees
      • Programming and event planning assistance
      • Assistance with licensing, permits, and volunteers
      • Official welcome letters & welcome videos
      • Photo galleries for promotional use
      • PR support