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    1. Hunting in Michigan's Great Lakes Bay

      Looking for some of the best places to go deer hunting in Michigan? Or ready to try duck hunting or goose hunting in one of Michigan's richest waterfowling regions? The perfect spot for either is right within range here in the Great Lakes Bay.

      Get the insider angle from local hunters — plus details from season dates to bag limits — and plan a Michigan hunting trip you'll never forget!


      Waterfowl Hunting

      Hunting two of Michigan's premier Managed Waterfowl Hunt Areas, staking out a spot within the Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge, or settling into a boat blind on the open waters of Saginaw Bay — you'll find some of the best waterfowl hunting in Michigan here.

      Waterfowl Hunting in Michigan

      Find Where to Hunt in Michigan

      Managed Waterfowl Hunt Reservations


      Deer Hunting

      Whether you'll explore ample public land options, set up inside two of Michigan's top-notch Managed Waterfowl Hunt Areas (both with special corners open to deer hunting), or gain prime access to private lands through the DNR's Hunting Access Program — check out the best places to bag a buck this season.

      Deer Hunting in Michigan

      Find Where to Hunt in Michigan

      Lands Open to Public Hunting in Michigan

      Private Lands Open to Public Hunting in Michigan



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